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Start your day surrounded by incredible animals like the gentle giants of Bali while having a sumptuous breakfast at the Bali Zoo!

Upon arriving at the zoo, the animals have just woken up. You will be welcomed by the gentle giant Sumatran elephants who will host your breakfast.

Once you finish breakfast, hop on and enjoy a ride on top of the elephant's back. They will take you on a tour around their home. You will experience an unforgettable experience of having the rare and extraordinary adventure of riding the biggest walking mammal on Earth.

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- Hotel transfer service
- Full breakfast
- 30-minute elephant ride
- Insurance


- Park Entrance
- Additional Food and Beverage
- Photograph
- Souvenir


- Visit the Bali Zoo to see rare species of animals
- Have breakfast in the presence of Sumatran elephants
- Ride on the backs of the elephants as you tour around their natural habitat
- Transfer services are included on this tour

Additional Information

Warnings- - Activities may change due to safety reasons and weather conditions.

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