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Some of the prettiest lady-boys of Pattaya star in Alcazar Cabaret, a show that has been running for the past 35 years. Guests can choose between the regular seat and the VIP seat, both of which have four time slots available.

Dressed in flamboyantly designed costumes, the show’s stars entertain the audience by lip syncing to the tune of some Hollywood favourites such as “Dreamgirls” by Beyonce and “The Wondrous World” by Sonny and Cher. Today, the show takes place in a state-of-the-art theatre graced by the presence of more than 400 artists and performers. Spotlighted by a computerised system, the performers stand out even more with the help of their new and improved sound system.

The location can accommodate more than 1,200 guests within its two sections. It runs for about 70 minutes and has 17 performances which include The Wondrous World, Le Jazz Hot, Persian Dance, Fabulous Russia, Lola Want Love, and Hello Vietnam just to name a few.


Admission fee
Live entertainment


Personal expenses


See the lady-boys of Alcazar Cabaret Show
Stop by the complex's Thai restaurant, cafe, and gift shop after the show
Choose between a normal and VIP ticket

Additional Information

Show Notes:
- This rate is not applicable to Thai citizens.
- Please make sure to choose the right product type for your desired time slots.
- Seating plan for both Normal and VIP seats cannot be requested and is not guaranteed. The authorities of the Alcazar are responsible for this arrangement.
- The Normal seats are situated from the 8th row of the first floor from the stage up to the second floor of the theatre.
- Please arrive in at least 15 minutes before your preferred time slot.

What to wear:
- Elegant casual attire for women
- Smart casual for men

Warnings- - The show's staff has the right to refuse entry in case of late arrival

Safety and insurance:
- Children must be accompanied by a paying adult at all times.