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The man-made Yas island in the city of Abu Dhabi has been credited with some of the best attractions in the world, and one of such wonder is the Ferrari brand theme park- the Ferrari World. Go on a tour of the Ferrari theme park in Abu Dhabi and experience the adrenaline rush similar to driving an actual Ferrari. The theme park is not just any other construction. It is the world’s largest space frame structure and a must visit.

Ferrari World is a star attraction of Abu Dhabi and is also the world’s largest indoor theme park with attractions for all age groups. Apart from having many great real-life attractions, the place also holds a Junior Grand Prix for kids in almost actual looking Ferrari Formula 1 racing cars. It has a Karting academy to help you learn how to drive safely, many adrenaline pumping rides along with the world’s fastest roller coaster- Formula Rossa for the ultimate test of your guts.

Boasting over 20 rides including some of the world’s most adventurous ones; Ferrari World becomes one of the most visited attractions of UAE. From strolling through the Ferrari paddock to enjoying the training to be a part of the pit crew, riding the tower ride that shoots you up 62 meters in the air with a force that’s enough to give you shivers. This ticket to Ferrari World is your key to unlocking a world of enjoyment, adventure, and excitement.


Admission fee


Personal expenses


Ferrari World Bronze Ticket which gives you a access to the park for a day
Enjoy and experience over 20 rides at Ferrari World
Visit the world’s largest indoor theme park with attractions for all age groups

Additional Information

- Guests are required to carry a hard copy of the tickets which also needs to be presented at the entrance to gain the entry.
- The park has many rides and attraction which may require maintenance, thus, certain attractions may be closed or not operational on some days. Your host will not take any responsibility for the same.
- Please be advised that Ferrari World's Formula Rossa, the world's fastest rollercoaster, is temporarily closed for its annual maintenance from 22nd May 2017 until 17th June 2017.

During Ramadan:
- Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Opening Times:
1. Sunday to Wednesday: 11:00 H - 18:00 H.
2. Thursday & Friday: 11:00 H - 24:00 H
3. Saturdays: 11:00 H to 23:00 H
- This will commence on the first day of Ramadan and finish with the last day of Ramadan, exact dates to be announced prior the start and end of Ramadan.

What to wear:
- Comfortable set of clothes
- Good pair of shoes

Warnings- Safety and insurance:
- Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.