from/per person Rs 580


This activity takes place in Sentosa, Singapore.
This bungee-jumping/other attractions product is great for those looking to experience adventure/attraction during their trip.
This activity is approximately 30 mins, it is offered in
and supports group sizes of 1 to 10.
All admission fee are included in the cost of this activity.
The organisers of this activity will provided you with activity equipment.


Admission fee
Activity equipment


Choose between Bungy Jump, Giant Swing, or Skybridge
Cross the 47-metre-high Skybridge and try the Glass Cube
Experience the countryu0027s first and only dual swings at the Giant Swing

Additional Information

Operating Hours: Mondays to Thursdays: 11:00 to 20:00 | Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Public holidays: 11:00 to 21:00

- The operating hours may be extended on holidays and events and are subject to change without prior notice.

- The latest time for guests to check-in is 45 minutes before the time slot selected.
- If the time slot booked is full, you will be arranged for the next available time slot soonest possible.
- A minimum of 45 minutes of waiting time is inevitable during high season for combo products.
- Proceed to the AJ Hackett Sentosa counter to exchange the voucher for an activity boarding pass.
- A personal declaration is required at the point of registration for all participants of these activities.

Warnings- - Please inform your host if you have high blood pressure, heart conditions, diabetes, pregnancy, epilepsy, dislocations, neurological disorders, vertigo. Note that this list is not exhaustive.
- Participants are solely responsible for their own physical and mental state of health.
- You are advised to secure your own travel insurance if you will be engaging in this activity. Please consult with your local insurance agent before arriving at the travel destination.

Age, height, and weight requirements:
- Bungy Jump: No age requirement (Children under 18 years old are required to submit a written parental consent) / Minimum weight: 40 kilograms / Maximum weight: 150 kilograms / Minimum height: 120 centimetres/
- Giant Swing: No age requirement / Must be 1.2 metres or taller / The maximum combined (3 clients) weight of the Swing cannot be greater than 300 kilograms.

- All jump crew are highly trained to the highest standards of Jump Master Accreditation and complete regular refresher courses through an independent trainer. The Code of Practice for Bungy Jumping, AS/NZS 5848, was developed by AJ Hackett in conjunction with the New Zealand and Australian Governments. These safety standards are the recognised standard for Bungy Jumping internationally.
- All activity-related equipment used by AJ Hackett International is produced using the highest-available manufacturing standards. All bungy cords are manufactured specifically for each site by AJ Hackett International. Hardware utilised for operations requires ratings and certification before being introduced into operations.
- These safety standards are recognized internationally.
- If you have any questions regarding the safety or any technical information, please contact the attraction on

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