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Famous worldwide address, the Hard Rock Café also landed in Gramado. The proposal unites music, entertainment, unique decoration and authentic American cuisine. One of the attractions that characterizes all Hard Rock units around the world are the famous pieces of memorabilia. In Gramado is no different: when visiting Hard Rock you will find true relics that belonged to legendary and contemporary musicians. And to make it even more splendid, you will also see Elvis Presley's classic Cover Show!


* Access to Hard Rock Café in Gramado
* Dinner (01 Welcome Drink - 01 Starter - 01 Main Course - 01 Dessert - 01 Soft Drink, Water or Beer of 300ml
* Elvis Presley Show Cover


* Roundtrip Transportation to hotels


* The tour does not have round trip transportation to the hotels. You should go to the Hard Rock Café on your own.
* Address: Wilma Dinnebier Street, 180, Center, Gramado

* Menu:
- Adults:
Welcome Drink (customer's choice)> Sex On The Beach or Blue Lagoon or Shirley Temple or San Francisco.
Starter> Side Salad (Mix of Leaves, Onion Rings, Croutons and Tomato Buds)
Main course (a choice of the customer)> ½ Ribs (signature barbecue pork ribs, served with chips, cowboy beans and coleslaw) or Legendary Burger (220 grams burger with bacon, cheddar cheese, onion rings, lettuce with tomato and french fries) or Twisted Mac (Cavattapi Pasta in a three-cheese sauce, slightly spicy, with red peppers, sprinkled with Parmesan cheese and parsley, topped with grilled chicken slices and garlic bread).
Dessert> Mini Brownie with a scoop of ice cream and chocolate syrup.
Drinks (customer's choice)> Soda or Water or 300ml Beer.

- Children:
Main course (a choice of the customer)> Buddy Jr. Burguer With Cheese (American Cheese and French Fries) or Razzi Chicken Tenders (Fried and Fried Chicken Breast Served with French Fries. Honney Mustard Sauces or Ketchup) or Styler's Max & Cheese (Skillet Rolls and Cream Cheese Noodles) or Skiddley's Favorite Chicken Breast (Grilled Chicken Breast Served with Broccoli).
Dessert> Hot Fudge.
Beverages (customer's choice)> Soda or Juice.
* The table will be reserved for arrivals until 20:30. Passengers arriving after this time must wait in the queue (if any) for seat clearance.

Additional Information

Visit the renowned Hard Rock Café in Gramado and have a delicious dinner to the sound of one of the world's greatest rock legends!

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