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This vegetarian brunch menu consists of exciting dishes that are each unique in their own way and will leave you asking for more. Come experience the explosion of flavours, the varied textures and the stories of Sindh while you brunch your way to full-ness. A perfect meal for a lazy day, be sure to also keep some space for Malti's signature dessert. Kindly note that there is no elevator and Malti's apartment is on the 1st floor; luckily the climb up will be a good appetite booster and the descent after completion of this delightful meal will be the perfect exercise :)


●All prices are inclusive of taxes and service charge.
●Welcome drinks.
●Join in lunch experience.
●3 course meals with dessert and accompaniments.




● When it comes to food, some matches are made in heaven!
● Here are some of the most delicious Sindhi food combinations that you must try if you really want to taste the true flavors of Sindhi cuisine.
● Unleash a 3 course Sindhi meal consisting of the mains, accompaniments and mouth watering deserts.
● Amazing insight into the Sindh culture and traditions. 


Additional Information

● Mains-Dal Pakwan: A Sindhi breakfast special (and in some cases, referred to as the 'royal breakfast'), dal pakwan is Bengal gram tempered with home-made spices, accompanied by deep fried flat bread and served with tangy tamarind sauce, spicy green chutney and onions.
Koki: A fabulous roti prepared with whole wheat flour enhanced with the flavour of onions, coriander and green chilli. It is best served with yogurt or a fried egg (or as we call it in Sindhi 'bedo'). This dish is common in Sindhi households as a regular breakfast item. Cooked on a low flame and in ghee. Although it may look similar to a parantha, its taste is completely unique.
Sayoon Patata: Vermicelli cooked in desi ghee, combined with sugar syrup and cardamom powder and served with crispy fried spicy potatoes. This is a yummy combination of sweet and spicy fused together, allowing for a burst of flavours. Many Sindhi rituals have this dish on their menu as an essential.
● Accompaniments- Roasted/Fried Papad: While one may have seen the exaggerated usage of Sindhis and papads in bollywood films, the truth still remains that Sindhis do enjoy their papads as an essential part of their meals
Masala tea/coffee: Home-chef Malti will make you a fresh cup of masala chai or coffee as per your request. The combination of chai with Sindhi breakfast is highly recommended.
Chutneys: Home-made tamarind and coriander chutneys will be served. Here's yet another example of the tangy and spicy combination in a Sindhi household.
● Dessert- Malai/roasted almond kulfi: No matter how heavy the brunch is, you cannot leave without experiencing malti's home-made kulfi. She makes them in two flavours- malai and roasted almond. Often described as a traditional Indian ice-cream, some also believe that kulfi is the 'Himalayan ancestor of ice cream'. A sweet end mixture of milk and cream, this is a must try in summers.


Note :
• No smoking.
• No. of max. 6 people.
• Shoes can be worn inside the home.
• Parking in nearby area.
• Staircase only.

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