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Bali Bagus Cycling organize by BALI HAI BIKE We are the first and still the only company to offer a truly unique and authentic bicycle trip by combining sightseeing, coffee plantation tour and cultural insight with cycling activities through the unspoiled breathtaking countryside.

This full day downhill bike tour will take you far away from the regular tourist itinerary and "off the beaten track" deep into rural Bali where you will be able to witness firsthand the daily life of the Balinese people, their local customs and rituals as well as their age-old traditions.

We offer you some of the most amazing and spectacular routes you may find only in this island and take you away from the hustle and bustle of the crowded big city to breathe some fresh air. During the trip, you will be deeply amazed by the exotic views of Bali's rural landscape and their unspoiled nature.

Cycling adventure through the countryside will bring you up close and personal with friendly local people, their unique culture, beautiful villages, stunning landscapes and amazing ancient temples. Exploring the island of God on two wheels is by far the best way to get a fantastic and memorable experience as we will take you to discover the hidden gems of our island through some peaceful 'off the beaten track' cycling routes accessible only by bike.


Wide range selection of cycling tracks are available for you. Not only rural villages and rice paddies, we offer you more... off-road paths, secret back roads, dense plantations and bamboo forest are just a few of them. Our routes are also flexible and can accommodate any level of experiences. From the easiest to the most challenging are available depend on your requests and preferences.

Cycling through bamboo forestbali bike tour in the middle of bamboo forest

One of our favourite and most memorable routes is when we cycle past an amazing 7.5 hectare of bamboo forest. The forest is located in Kubu Village, Bangli regency, about 30 kms north east from Ubud. While riding, you will also have opportunities to see traditional craftsmen at work inside the forest or watch local people cutting down the bamboo for various purposes.

This route is ‘exclusive’ to us and NOT offered by any other company. View our tour itinerary in bamboo forest. You can also view our photos collection of riding through bamboo forest.

amazing bamboo forest track

Visiting the traditional village of PENGLIPURAN, the authentic KEHEN temple or the magical DALEM temple are also our exclusive stops during the trips. While most travellers visit these sites on normal tour (by car), we visit them on two wheels!.

Unique and fantastic isn't it?

By visiting these two famous sites, you can learn and discover more about Balinese culture. Note that we will go inside the temple (not just peeking from the outside). All entrance fees, tickets and sarong have been covered in the price.

You will also be taken to visit some other village temples which we pass along the route and discover another facts about local spiritual beliefs and practices.

bike tours at penglipuran villageHoly courtyard at kehen temple

Visiting Penglipuran VillageBali secret back roads - on the way from penglipuran to kehenVisiting KEHEN temple

Our unique services allow you to combine more activities in one trip and provide more special service and luxury. You can see a lots throughout the day including rice terraces, coffee plantation, villages, temples, bamboo forests, views of the volcano and the crater lake and also the magnificent landscape of Bali's countryside. A very efficient trip especially for travellers with a very limited time in Bali.


- Learn about the culture in rural Bali while cycling through the countryside
- Take photos against the emerald-green Tegallalang Rice Terraces
- Have breakfast while observing Mount and Lake Batur from a distance
- Watch local craftsmen work in a 7.5-hectare bamboo forest
- Explore the traditional house compounds in Penglipuran
- Visit three of the most significant temples in Bali
- Have lunch at a Balinese-style restaurant in the middle of rice paddies
- An English-speaking guide is included on this tour
- Transfer services and insurance are also included

Additional Information

Good to Know:
- All the mountain bikes you will be using are new and well-maintained. You will be accompanied by at least two guides, and a supporting van will be trailing behind in case you get tired and couldn’t continue with the cycling journey.


Warnings- Should you wish to cancel your tour, kindly inform your host in advance by sending them an email. If you are cancelling on the day itself, please coordinate with them directly.

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