from/per person Rs 1,800
  • 12 Hours


For all the foodies out there! Last till your tummy blasts!! Eat at 24 spots in 12 Hours!!
Our "Food Crawlathon" (or food research trip) is not just stuffing yourself. Just as "going shopping" means that you're browsing and trying things on, not necessarily buying up everything you see, "Fooding" implies a spirit of discovery more than a day-long binge!

Remember!! it's not a sprint. It's a marathon…Here's our advice for making it through.

Crawlathon Tip # 1
How do you try 24 foodstuffs at 24 restaurants in a day? You don't take more than two bites of anything. It sucks, because We've mapped out and researched all these amazing things to eat and odds are they're all going to be so much better than average and man, this kebab is awesome but seriously—two bites. One, if the first bite tells you it's not to your liking. Two, if you're loving it, or if you're thinking critically. In which case the first bite's all about overall impression, and the second bite is attention to particular nuance--how well-salted the Kheema is, how buttery the bun, how sharp the cheddar, how prominent the pickle.
There are more than a dozen more rules, but it all comes back to: two bites.

Crawlathon Tip # 2
For all sorts of reasons. One, all-day eating is a physically arduous process, and you want your system to be in fine digesting form. Two, it's imperative that you don't eat too much at any one place (see: two bites), so a feeling of water-fullness can help you convince yourself you're satiated after just a little.
Three, drinking keeps your hands doing something when they want to be eating more more more. Four, being properly hydrated helps you avoid "salt hangovers."

Crawlathon Tip # 3
If you're eating at 24 places, it's infinitely easier to do 6 in the morning, 6 around noon, 6 around 4pm, and 6 after 6pm. Hence, we start around 10am, and find yourself at dinnertime with six left to go. Pacing yourself is paramount, and the easiest way to do so is to start early!

Crawlathon Tip # 4
If we eat little bites of things more-or-less continuously all day, we never feel full, never feel hungry either, and we generally have a hard time assessing whether we’re doing okay. So we try to cluster eating stops into "meals," knocking off 2-4 at a time then taking breaks in between. Walk around. Sightsee. The food will be there when you come back.

TOUR DATE: 18th February 2018 (Sunday)
MEETING POINT : Outside McDonald's, opp CST
MEET UP TIME: 09:30AM (Crawlathon starts sharp at 10am)


• Food at the 24 spots as per the Crawlathon schedule


• Transportation during the tour
• Personal Expenses on any nature
• Water, Alcohol & Beverages
• Additional Meals 

Additional Information

• Tripxoxo reserves the rights to charge 100% No show charges if guest is not turning up on time for the pick up.
• No refund for partly utilized services.
• Once signed up for the Crawlathon, irrespective if one wishes to quit half way, the price of the tour shall remain the same.
• One can get their own vehicle (Car, Bike) OR utilize Public Transport.
• Meeting Time is 9.30 am
• The Tour will begin sharp on time [10:00a.m].
• Some tours require your original passport/ID Proof, we have mentioned this information in the important notes so please ensure that you read the important information, Tripxoxo will not be responsible if you miss any tour where your passport or ID is mandatory.

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