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If you want to have a thrilling and exciting time in Hong Kong, then you should try going to Ocean Park. This e-ticket will give you direct entry to the park to see a wide number of rides and fun activities.

Make your heart pump with the scariest rides they have inside the park. The Abyss Turbo Drop, The Hair Raiser and The Rapids are some of the rides you can try.

For a more family-friendly kind of activity, there’s an animal encounter experience with the Emperor Penguins. You can even swim with the dolphins while they’re performing.

After some action rides and fun activities with the animals, spoil yourself with the park’s wide options for dining where you can choose from Asian to European set meals. Do not forget to try their famous Hong Kong delicacies as well. Lastly, do not end your trip without strolling around their gift shops. If you are looking for some traditional gifts and souvenir, it is highly recommended for you to get some from the Goods of Desire.


- One entry to the theme park


- Services not included


- Knock yourself out doing all the activities the park has to offer!
- Amazing animal shows as entertaining as they are awe-inspiring
- Get up close and personal with your favourite animals with the Animal Encounters
- Scream your heart out conquering the park’s thrilling rides
- Replenish your energy levels with the dizzying variety of f&b options
- Take home a little souvenir or two shopping amongst the park’s many gift shops

Additional Information

What to wear/ bring:
- Comfortable set of clothes
- Sunblock
- A good pair of shoes
- Camera



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