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Here's a heritage walk that lets you explore the tales and monuments associated with Tipu Sultan, 18th century ruler of Mysore Kingdom, in and around old Bengaluru. The walk begins with an introduction to the origins of Bengaluru and its state during medieval times. We will visit the mausoleum of a noble man associated with him where we will narrate stories of courage and martyrdom during Battle of Bangalore, 1791. We will help you understand the evolution of Bengaluru fort through centuries, its defences, as well as share the tales of its prisoners. Here we will speak of how it compares with similar forts across old Mysore state. We next take you to the royal durbar of Tipu Sultan's summer palace and speak of his obsession with the tiger. Some of his contributions to modern Karnataka will be recollected from literature. We end the walk with a visit to his last armoury in Bengaluru. The host will introduce the guests to Tipu's rocket technology including first hand British India administration accounts of how some of his rockets were found in working condition across his erstwhile territory in Mysore Kingdom, 60 years after his death!


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• "To live like a lion for a day is far better than to live for a hundred years like a jackal." is a quote attributed to Tipu Sultan, the 18th century Sultan of Mysore.
• This tour is led by a cultural evangelist who will unravel Tipu Sultan's legend for you.
• The title of Tiger given to Tippu highlights his braveness and the decisive confidence with which he faced the tough situations when placed against the cunning and cruel British regime.
• A heritage walk that takes one to explore the numerous monuments associated with Tipu Sultan in the old parts of Bengaluru
• Irrespective of whether you love history or not, this walking tour will be a unique, fun and memorable experience for you. 


Time : 8:00AM - 11:00AM

Note : The host will relate history to the heritage monuments and places and construct events based on available published primary sources & eye-witness accounts. The guests will be encouraged to think and form their own opinion about the incidents and reasons leading to major historical events surrounding Tipu Sultan.

Terms & Conditions

• Some tours require your original passport/ID Proof, we have mentioned this information in the important notes so please ensure that you read the important information, Tripxoxo will not be responsible if you miss any tour where your passport or ID is mandatory.
• No refund for partly utilized services.
• Due to any uncontrollable circumstances i.e. (traffic conditions, vehicle breakdowns, delay by other guests, weather circumstances) if the tour gets delayed or cancelled, Tripxoxo will provide alternate options if possible.
• Seating arrangement are done as per the availability & it is decided by Driver or Tour Guide.

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