from/per person Rs 43,120
  • 6 Days

  • Open Water Scuba Diving Certification Trip to Andaman


Jump, splash! Take a deep breath, and then the vision gets clear amidst the disappearing
bubbles. Through the transparent mask, the deep blue water opens up to an alien world. The
existence of such unimaginable marine life with the blast of varied colors & diversity makes you humble & reminds you that we share this world with so many different species, which we haveyet to see.

With the advent of Scuba Diving, you can touch the depths of the ocean and experience
this abundance. Scuba is also the best way to overcome your fears with water. All you need to
know is to swim/ float over water, you don’t even require any prior diving experience.

Join tripXOXO as we head to Andaman for an unforgettable journey of a life time!
Interestingly, March is considered to be the best time for Diving in these crystal-clear waters.
While the days would be spent learning to scuba, evenings will be spent sharing interesting
travel tales with easy going like-minded people!

Travel Itinerary:-

Saturday 12th March 2017 - Day 1: Transfers & Meet-up
Morning transfer from Port Blair to your hotel at Havelock island. Get to know other
participants in the group. You will meet your expert supervisor who will take you through the
theory of diving, covered in a mix of video and self-study. (Depending on the time available we
may do a short snorkeling exercise late afternoon or evening to get students used to the waters
and breathing through the mouth)

Sunday 13th March 2017 - Day 2: Shallow Water Training
Your expert supervisor will take you through the basics of diving in shallow waters. You will
learn the essential skills of diving such as breathing underwater, removing and replacing your
equipment, emergency ascent procedures etc.

Monday 14th March 2017 - Day 3: Two Open Water Dives
Brace yourself for your first guided solo dive!
Tuesday 15th March 2017 - Day 4: Two Open Water Dives
Being the last day, you get to dive on your own! Enjoy the new-found freedom and experience
a different world. At the end of this course, you’ll be given a diving certificate enabling you to
dive independently upto a depth of 18 Mts anywhere in the world!

Wednesday 16th March 2017 - Day 5: Rest Day | Kayak Through Glow-in-the-dark Waters
Enjoy your rest day with some sight-seeing and optional paid night kayaking through glow in
the dark waters! Or you can catch the sunset at Radhanagar beach, which is rated as one of
Asia’s best beaches!

Thursday 17th March 2017 - Day 6: Transfer back to Port Blair
Optional sight-seeing at Port Blair or take a return flight to home with amazing experiences and
of course, an open water diving certificate! 


• SSI certified Open Water course including equipment rental, under expert guidance
• Transport (Port Blair Port to hotel and back)
• Accommodation on twin sharing basis at Havelock for 5 nights in Air Conditioned Rooms


• Meals & Drinks
• Extra dives
• Optional activity (Kayaking etc)
• Transport (Airport to Port Blair port and back)
• Accommodation at Port Blair


Scuba Diving Certification trip to Andaman

Additional Information

  • By signing up for the trip, the user confirms to the terms and conditions (TACS) stated below. These TACS comes into effect as soon as there is a confirmation via mail/call from our side, once you make the payment.

  • About other members: The contract binds you and all the other members of your group for whom you have signed up on their behalf. It is your responsibility to ensure that all members of your party accept the

  • Loss of property and injuries: The users’ participation is voluntary and the user shall under no circumstance hold tripXOXO  responsible for any injury, illness, accident or death as the result of any incident or accident that may occur during the period of service. Participants are also responsible to take care of their own belongings. tripXOXO holds no responsibility for the damage or loss of any such property.

  • Behavior during the trip: The conduct and behavior of the user should not cause distress or harm to anyone including other user members, tripXOXO staff, service providers etc. If participants are found violating the rules,  tripXOXO reserve all the rights to remove the participant from the group. In such situation, no refund shall be provided. During the trip, the trip leader’s decision will be final decision, whatsoever.

  • Change in Itinerary from User’s Side : If for any given reason the participant wishes to end the trip before its scheduled completion, or is unable to participate due to being unfit, tr ipXOXO will not be responsible to provide any refund and the financial liability for making any alternate arrangements would be of the user.

  • Accommodation :  Participants are expected to treat their accommodation with care and respect. It will be inspected before leaving. The participant will be held responsible for any damage caused during his/her stay. On departure, please leave the place clean and tidy. We reserve the right to charge you during or after your stay for any loss or damage to the property. Participants should make sure that they are not disturbing their neighbors due to music or loud noise.

  • Harmful products : Any harmful product that can cause injuries will be confiscated upon discovery. Anyone found with any suspected illegal or controlled substance (Alcohol, drugs for eg.) will be immediately removed from the Event.

  •  Some tours require your original passport or Government ID (Pancard/Driving Licence/Aadhar Card), tripXOXO will not be responsible if you miss any tour where your passport or ID is mandatory.

  •  tripXOXO reserves the rights to charge 100% No show charges if guest is not turning up on time for the pick up.

  • No refund for partly utilized services.

  •  Due to any uncontrollable circumstances i.e. (traffic conditions, vehicle breakdowns, delay by other guests, weather circumstances) if the tour gets delayed or cancelled, tripXOXO will provide alternate options if possible.

  • Seating arrangement is done as per the availability & it is decided by Driver or Tour Guide.

  • If in any case the guest does not show up on time and our vehicle departs from the pickup location then tripXOXO will not arrange for alternative transfer & no refund is provided for the missed tour.

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