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Roomraider is an intellectually challenging, fun, and interactive Real Escape Room Game. Play in team size of 2-8 members for each game and experience an unforgettable adventure. Put your ‘Thinking Cap’ on and use your visual skills, observation skills and creative mind to find clues to solve.
Escape Room Games-
Where Cuddles:
Discover an enchanting world of Teddy Bear! Your favourite teddy bear named ‘Cuddles’ has gone missing in the mysterious Teddy Bear Land. You need to go to Teddy Bear Land and rescue your friend.
Be wowed by the fascinating teddy bear factory, a place full with cute teddy bears. Solve the puzzles and learn more about Cuddles to find where he has gone. While the theme of this game is cute it still tests you hard on your visual and observational skills.
A fun adventure for all ages.
Group of Terrorists have planted a time bomb in the Time Square Station, New York, USA. You and your elite S.W.A.T team of specialists brought in to find the bomb and defuse it before it explodes.NYPD (New York Police Department) has trusted your S.W.A.T ((Special Weapons And Tactics) team with this top priority case. You have 60 minutes before bomb detonation. The fate of the New York city is in your hands.
Prison Break:
You are spies for RIA(Raider Intelligence Agency)Some of the agents have double crossed you and you landed in the most escape-proof prison in the world.Find the traitors & breakout from the prison.The Raider State Penitentiary (RSP) is one of the most escape-proof prisons in the world. It is built using advanced security measures and sophisticated technology. Your team is kept is separate cells so you must co-operate and communicate with each other to find a way out of this torturous dungeon.
Futuristic game where you are part of the Space Ranger Force. Your mission is to go to the Moon base ‘Hyperion’ to find ‘Energon’ – the most powerful energy source and bring it back to Earth.It is year 2084. Earth’s space exploration now stretches out wide into the galaxy. Hyperion holds an important discovery – Energon. Hyperion is under attack from the Altarians, an alien race bent on galaxy domination. If the Altarians captured the Energon and turned it into a weapon then they can destroy our planet Earth.


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Where Cuddles
Prison Break

Additional Information

• Team size will be min 2 and max 8 for each game
• Some tours require your original passport/ID Proof, we have mentioned this information in the important notes so please ensure that you read the important information, Tripxoxo will not be responsible if you miss any tour where your passport or ID is mandatory.
• Tripxoxo reserves the rights to charge 100% No show charges if guest is not turning up on time for the pick up.
• No refund for partly utilized services.
• Due to any uncontrollable circumstances i.e. (traffic conditions, vehicle breakdowns, delay by other guests, weather circumstances) if the tour gets delayed or cancelled, Tripxoxo will provide alternate options if possible.
• Seating arrangement are done as per the availability & it is decided by Driver or Tour Guide.
• If in any case the guest does not show up on time and our vehicle departs from the pickup location then Tripxoxo will not arrange for alternative transfer & no refund is provided for the missed tour.


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