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This activity takes place in Tokyo, Japan.
This sightseeing tour product is great for those looking to experience culture during their trip.
This activity is aproximately 24 hrs, it is offered in CHINESE,ENGLISH,JAPANESE,KOREAN and supports group sizes of 1 to 30.
Make your own way. SkyTree Station Office (9:00-18:00)
Narihira 1-17-6 Sumida-ku Tokyo (1 minutes’ walk from Tokyo SkyTree station)
Marunouchi Mitsubishi Building Ticket Counter (9:00-18:00)
3 minutes' walk from Tokyo station Marunouchi South Exit next to Marunouchi buil
Please note that there are no refunds.
All bus tickets are included in the cost of this activity.
This activity excludes these costs, tips and personal expenses.


Sky Hop Bus 1 Day or 2 Day Pass as your choice


Personal expenses


- Take Asakusa-TOKYO SKYTREE course
- Explore the city of Odaiba
- Enjoy the night life in Roppongi
- Be amazed by the Tokyo Tower

Additional Information

What to wear/ bring:
- Comfortable set of clothes
- Sunblock
- A good pair of shoes
- Camera

- The voucher is valid for 30 days from the travel date you select.
- Please print the voucher to exchange for your Sky Hop Bus Pass at two ticket counters, which can be found in Marunouchi and Sky Tree Station.

Good to know:
- You can get on or off at whichever stop you like during the validity of the pass
- Raincoats are available and charge free
- All seats are unreserved. If all seats are taken you may not be able to get on the bus
- The bus runs in 3 areas: Asakusa/Tokyo SkyTree, Odaiba and Roppongi/Tokyo Tower
- Passengers who sit upstairs should bring enough clothes or sun screen

Safety- - Fasten seat belt while seated unless crew members advises you to remove it

Warnings- - Don't touch branches of roadside trees from the open top roof
- No using of umbrellas on the open-top part of the bus
- Hats and caps may be blown away in the event of wind
- Canvas-top and Glass-top buses are available
- Service is suspended in the event of a bad weather
- Steps can get slippery during rain