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Save your time and money by booking this high speed railway pass!

Purchase your vouchers ahead of time and visit some of the major scenic spots in Taiwan including the National Palace Museum and Sun Moon Lake. There’s also the Liuhe Night Market in Kaohsiung where you can buy souvenirs and other local items.

If you want to make your vacation more convenient, book now!


- High speed railway voucher


- Personal expenses
- Meals and beverages
- Entrance fees


- Save time and money with passes to the Taiwan High Speed Rail
- Enjoy a first-class ride from Taipei to Kaoshiung
- Visit the most scenic spots in Taiwan including museums, lakes, and markets

Additional Information

Tour Notes:
- This voucher is only applicable to foreign visitors holding a tourist visa valid for a maximum of six months.
- Kindly provide each traveller's name, country, birthday, gender, e-mail address, and route (Taipei to Kaoshiung or Kaoshiung to Taipei) upon payment.
- The Exchange Order is valid for exchanging of the THSR tickets and not for boarding the trains. Take note of the valid period for exchange.
- The digital voucher is not transferable and can be used only by the individual.
- This pass is for non-reserved seat cars, but if you prefer a reserved standard seat, you may do so at the ticketing window at no additional charge.
- If the ticket is lost, damaged, or stolen, there will be no re-issuance, application for loss, or refunds.

Necessary information that needs to be provided:
- Ticket type (Adult or Child)
- Nationality
- Passport number
- Gender
- First and last name (as stated in the passport)
- Birth date

Warnings- - During extraordinary circumstances like train delays, interruption of service, or cancellation of trips, the THSR ticket will neither be compensated for nor will the validity be extended.


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