Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for Partners/ TBA


TBA will Manage, Work, Operate and Service in the assigned territory as indicated above. The TBA will market travel services in his region and will be entitled to commissions on various services as applicable.

TBA will be entitled to commission on Tours, & commission on Airport Transfers booked on www.tripxoxo.com


TBA must have own infrastructure to operate the business as per the specifications of the Company for ensuring regular and timely services to existing and future customers.

TBA shall display in its office at a prominent place all the publicity materials and other valuable characters supplied by the Principals.

It is understood that the TBA will also have sales executive appointed under their payroll who will be mobile and he/she shall visit all the customers as per the requirements for bookings and sell the packages.

Also the TBA would attend to all the Customer's Bookings / Complaints directly communicated to the TBA by the customers or through the Company office as the case may be on regular basis.

As between the Parties, the TBA acknowledges that TravelPort owns all rights including all Intellectual Property Rights, the Content, Access to the Website www.tripxoxo.com and its products and services, and that the TBA does not acquire any right to the Content, Access to the Website, except as expressly granted in this Agreement.

Nothing in this Agreement grants to TBA any right in or to the other Party's Brand Elements (for example, no Party may use any of the other Party's Brand Elements in Google Ad Words or any other form of search engine advertising, or register or attempt to register any Brand Element (including domain names) that is confusingly similar to the Brand Elements of the other Party). All use of the other Party's Brand Elements shall inure to that other Party's benefit. If a Party by operation of law or otherwise acquires any right in or to the other Party's Brand Elements and/or in confusingly similar elements, that Party will at no expense to the other Party immediately assign any such rights to the other Party.


All bookings done by the TBA are strictly to be in the Prescribed Booking Format provided by the Company.

The TBA undertakes to comply with all the booking formalities and procedures laid down as a policy by the Company.

The bookings raised by the TBA shall be payable at the time of confirmation itself by debit from wallet. Incase if TBA is making payment by credit card, additional 2.25% of the transaction value is applicable as a charge.

That the TBA undertakes to collect all necessary documents such as tickets, vouchers, etc. with respect to their bookings from the Branch office / Service Center of the Company; received on email and handover it to passengers.

The TBA shall deliver these services / products to the customer directly.

Any cancellations by the customer will attract a cancellation charge according to the rules and regulations and the TBA shall charge the customer the same and will remit to the Company. The TBA will be charged for any such charges, which are not collected by the TBA but from the customers. If any additional services or credit has been promised by the TBA to any client, without the prior approval from the Company, and the same will have to be borne by the TBA.

That the TBA shall be paid the commissions as applicable, the discounted amount will be charged from the wallet account .TBA is a commission agent for Travelport hence , all commissions will be invoiced by TBA with service tax inclusive , adding up to % of sales volume as applicable on tours & on transfers.

That the TBA shall always deal cordially and in a well – behaved manner with the clients of the Company.


At any point of time, if the services of the TBA are not found up to the mark and the TBA is not visiting the customers or the Company has serious complaints from the customers regarding the services of the TBA on a Regular Basis, the Company reserves the right to cancel the TBA license without assigning any reason thereof. However, the TBA will be given a termination notice of one week.

All Rules & Regulations of the Company shall be communicated to the TBA in writing, which are to be strictly adhered to.

Being in service industry, the Company expects the TBA to put his best efforts for promoting the business and satisfying the customers, which is for mutual interest, and to strengthen the image of the Company and the Brand.

That the TBA undertakes to run the center on a daily basis and keep the place of operation in perfect condition. The TBA also undertakes the delivery of the product and services on time. Any absence / delay shall be compensated by the TBA to the Company suitably. Operation standards and code of ethics are mentioned in the TBA manual.

It will be the responsibility of the TBA to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the Law. The TBA also undertakes to indemnify the Company from any problems arising out of such shortfalls from the TBA.

The TBA shall not work for any other related industry or company.

The TBA shall not disclose the names and addresses to any person outside his firm or company and especially to any competitor of the Company.


The TBA will run their centers most effectively and efficiently & maintain the quality standards set by the Company.

The TBA will have an adequate space to run the business (average 350 sq. ft.)

The TBA will implement all marketing plans as per the directions given by the Company.

The TBA will not make any wrong representation to the customer on any of the services provided by the Company.

The TBA will maintain a high standard of customer service as per the guidelines of the Company.

The TBA will not carry on any marketing activities without prior approval from the Company.

The TBA will not work directly or indirectly for any other company in the same field of the Company.

The TBA will set up the infrastructure as per the specifications given by the Company.

The TBA will maintain the code of ethics as instructed by the corporate office.

The TBA will seek approval on any matter regarding the use of brand name and logo of the parent company in writing.

All sales to personnel to whom TBA may extent credit on it's own behalf shall be responsibility and the risk of the TBA.


The Company shall undertake the National and the Regional advertising campaign.

The Company shall from time to time undertake the promotional campaigns.

The Company shall provide all promotional material.

The Company will provide the TBA with all relevant marketing support for increasing TBA business.

The Company will provide software training to all TBAs.

The Company will provide training to TBAs in the area of effective marketing.

The Company will give trainings in business operations and customer relations management.


This agreement is valid for the period of Two years.


On cancellation or termination of the agreement either party will settle any dues within a period of ninety days.


That either party can terminate this agreement by giving a written notice of one months.


That in case of any dispute or difference with respect to or in reference or relating to this agreement or interpretation of any of the terms of the Agreement the same shall be resolved through arbitration in accordance with the provision of Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 and / or its subsequent statutory modifications. All such proceedings shall be subject to jurisdiction of courts at Mumbai.

TBA agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Principals, its officers, employees and servants from liabilities for any loss, injury or damages arising from negligent acts or omissions, willful misconduct of misrepresentation of TBA, its officers, employees, servants or sub-agents or from any breach by TBA of this Agreement.

Notwithstanding the provisions of this Agreement, the Principals may terminate this Agreement at any time, without prejudice to any of its rights under this agreement or at law, or otherwise in respect of any property and funds belonging to the Principals, if the TBA defaults in observing directions or instructions or go into liquidation or become insolvent, makes a general assignment for the benefit of creditors, commits an act of bankruptcy or changes its management or ownership without the consent of the principals.


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