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Enjoy three nights at a 3 star hotel in this package that includes: Iguassu Waterfalls Tour, Iguassu Waterfalls (Argentina´s Side) Tour, a visit to the Itaipu Dam and roundtrip transfers.

Transfers In/Out
Enjoy convenient roundtrip transfers between the International Airport and your hotel. You will be met at Cataratas International Airport and taken directly to your hotel. English-speaking staff will greet you when you clear the airport luggage area - just look for our representative holding a sign with your name on it. For your return journey, you will be met at your hotel and taken directly to the airport for your flight home.

Iguassu Waterfalls
Nothing in the world of water compares to, or is more impressive than the natural spectacle provided by the stunning group of 275 waterfalls that make up the Iguassu Waterfalls.
Located a few kilometers from the union of the Iguassu River with the Paraná River, the waterfalls take you to a state of awe with their size, water flow and strong current.

The geologic change that gave birth to the Iguassu Waterfalls took place nearly 150 million years ago and shook the earth crust around the globe. At the Iguassu region those changes created a gigantic canyon, full of rock steps through which the grand Iguassu flows, producing a huge steam cloud and a deafening sound.

The average flow of the Waterfalls is around 1.800 m3 per second, for an average amount of 10 million liters per second. During the rain season the stream of the Iguassu River increases and shows an even more beautiful spectacle.
The biggest waterfall is the “Devils Throat”, which is 90 meters high. The volume of water poured down creates a cloud of drizzling water that can be watched from kilometers away.

Iguassu Waterfalls (Argentina´s Side)
A different view from the other side of the border portrays this marvelous natural beauty in another exciting way.

Itaipu Dam
During the 1970´s and the 1980´s, while it was under construction, the Itaipu Hydroelectric Dam was regarded as a pharaonic work, fruit of the megalomaniac commanders ruling Brazil in those years. Today, after three decades, the perspective is quite different.
Responsible for the production of 95% of the electricity consumed in Paraguay, and for 24% of the whole Brazilian consumption, this binational enterprise –built by workers, technical operators and engineers from Brazil and Paraguay – proves day after day its magnitude in the national and the international scene.
The first generator unit started to operate in 1984, and since then the power plant has successively broken production and revenue records.

Besides the production of energy, Itaipu also stands as a symbol of environment preservation. The company runs the Biological Haven Bela Vista, continuous reforestation programs and projects that foster fish production as well as wild animal reproduction.
There is also an Eco-museum that tells the story of the construction and maintenance of this unrivaled work.
There are two options of tours on Itaipu Dam:
The Panoramic tour: Watch a documentary film on the power plant. See the dam and spillway from the central observation deck (without entering the facility)
The Technical tour - Watch a documentary film on the power plant. See the dam, the spillway from the central observation deck and also visit the facilities of Itaipu Dam.
As the ticket is not included, you can decide which option on the spot. Just be mindful that the minimum age for the Technical tour is 14.


* Roundtrip transfer to most hotels in Iguassu Falls - Brazilian Side and some in Puerto Iguazu
* Guide assistance
* Three nights hotel accommodations at a 3 star hotel
* Iguassu Waterfalls Tour
* Iguassu Waterfalls (Argentinau00b4s Side) Tour
* Itaipu Panoramic Tour
* Lunch at Porto Das Canoas restaurant
* Lunch at La Selva Restaurant


* Drinks
* Panoramic Tour to Itaipu Dam Entrance Fee - U$ 15,00 Approximately
* Tecnichal Tour to Itaipu Dam Entrance Fee - U$ 30,00 Approximately
* Room Tax u2013 U$ 1,00 Approximately per day/ per person


* It is necessary to bring along your passport and pay close attention to visa restrictions.
* The specific departure time for this tour will be determined upon reconfirmation.
* Price is per person in a standard double room
* If you are leaving from Brazil, when you enter Argentina, you will need to pay a fee of $20,00 pesos for an Eco touristic tax in Puerto Iguazu.
* Please make sure to keep your receipt in order to avoid being charged twice.
* Please verify your hotel address and pick up time before confirming your purchase.
* If you are staying at Puerto Iguazu and your hotel is not listed, you should go to the meeting point at the Churrascaria Show Brasil (Barbecue House) - Address: Av. Mercosul, 400 - Jardim Veraneio, Foz do Iguau00e7u - BR

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This package includes three nights at a 3 star hotel, roundtrip transfers, tours of the Iguassu Waterfalls from both sides, and a tour to Itaipu Dam

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